Red Sister


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    The Series opens up with the introduction of the Red Sister i.e a secret group that trains girls for combat. Training is not of the ordinary type, the girls selected for the training get skilled in a decade.

    During the training, they are completely isolated from the rest of the world and after training, they become skilled assassins that reach their targets with the speed of the wind. Almost all of the girls at the academy thought of themselves as the ultimate weapon until the day when Nona Grey joined the band.

    Red Sister

    She was just eight years of age when she came to the academy and even at that time she was accused of a murder. People around her claim that she was trapped in that crime and she on the other hand believes in proving herself in an open fight rather than discussing the matter. Mark Lawrence has painted a strange sort of a girl here who comes to a strange environment where her skills get polished and she gets transformed into a deadly war machine. Grey Sister and Holy Sister the other two parts of the trilogy should not be left if someone has listened to this first part in the voice of Helen Duff.

    Till this book, the listener does not know about the whereabouts of the girl and also the reason because of which she has received such rare talents. Training at the school of Red Sister has polished her no doubt but the school has not provided anything new to her because all of it was already present in her mind and body.

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