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Redwall marks the start of an exciting new journey. It is the first chapter of the Redwall series which went on to become a sensation. This is a book for children and actually a science fiction fantasy. The author of this novel is Brian Jacques. He has got quite a few exciting science fiction books to impress children. Martin the Warrior and Mossflower are among his best work which you will definitely enjoy.

The narration of this chapter is done by Brian Jacques, the author himself. However, there was also a full cast support with him for the narration. It turned out to be quite an exciting performance which the children will definitely adore.

The Redwall novel was first published in 1987 and it helped Brian Jacques, its author with international level stardom. This exciting story is jam-packed with several things that we desire for always when in a great adventure. It could be anything like laughter, danger, tragedy, hairbreadth escapes and mystery etc.

The hero in this tale is Matthias who is a young mouse and supposed to rise well above all the fears in his heart. It was needed of him in order to save all his friends in the Redwall Abbey. The villain in this tale is the Clungy, the Scourge, who is actually one of the most despicable rats that you could ever come across.

The book is good with excellent audio narration. It made use of the many voices which really appealed to all the audience of this novel. It will help you in fleshing out all the feelings of countless creatures who embellished Redwall Abbey and the surrounding vicinity.





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