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Whoever has listened to any of the part of this series knows about Terra and its significance in the galaxy that is hit hard by treachery.

Many thought that after the final attack by the enemy Terra had fallen for good and now no signs of that beacon house are left on the surface world. Eradication of Terra means that the hope to stand against the enemy is lost forever and now it is just a wait before the annihilation is complete.

Out of the blue Sanguinius hears the news that the base still exists but reaching it has become tough for the outside world. But once it is reached it can be recaptured and the Warmaster’s evil thoughts can be contained for many years to come. Sanguinius and Guilliman once left the Emperor for the personal goals that they wanted to achieve and they never thought that the things would go out of hand in such a big way.

Considering themselves as the cause of this massive destruction the two along with Lion El’ Johnson try to go back to Terra in order to aid the Emperor.

The author David Annandale gives the galaxy a chance to fight back but for that the Legions have to bear the Ruinstorm that stands between them and the Throneworld. After The Damnation of Pythos this one is with a little hope and it is this hope for which the three Legions fight in the story together against one enemy.

The enemy however still looks powerful because it is watching them tackle the evil and perhaps the enemy just wants to check their potential in this way. Jonathan Keeble gets full credit of narration and surely his voice works like magic in the series.

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