Rules of Prey

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Lucas Davenport’s thriller series starts as John Sandford brings another hero out his mind and pastes it on the piece of paper. Again it’s a Virgil Flower like character and we hear about him in the Virgil series as well in the parts like Rough Country and Bad Blood .

Lucas finds himself confronting a murderer who is too tough to handle for the whole of the police department. The killer has two qualities that distinguish him from ordinary murdered that the police usually catch in a single raid. He is intelligent and at the same time he can be termed as an insane person because of the way that he adopts to kill his prey.

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He enjoys the killing and has adopted certain rules for the killing. At the end of each crime he places a tool or instrument especially for the police as a clue. When the police still fail to catch him it’s a moment of pride for him.

Lucas Davenport is called for the case because of his extreme commitment to the job and a hundred percent track record against the serial killers. The killer known as the maddog still considers it a challenge, a challenge that he has been looking for all these years.

The novel thus is like a competition between the two masters of their field. Each likes to display its expertise in the field. Thus it’s a nice duel that Richard Ferrone narrates in that strong voice of his that displays the crunch in this match. The plot is strong though the theme is not an absolutely new one but the writing style of John Sandford is really one of a kind when it comes to thrillers.


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