Secrets of the Chocolate House

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Once again narrated in the perfect tone by Marisa Calin, the voice that was the highlight of The Little Shop of Found Things: A Novel makes this one appealing. The story takes us to the girl of fantasies again, Xanthe was taken back to the seventeenth century in the first part and she fell in love with an architect named Samuel. Her mission was quite successful and she returned home in time but she still remembers the man of her dreams.

She makes herself busy in her antique shop and spends the leisure time with her friends but the girl feels as if Samuel is calling her. Her mind is getting encrypted messages that she cannot comprehend. Depressing voices and calls become a routine in her life, she thinks that the love of the architect has made her mind go round but that was not the case. A copper chocolate pot starts singing to her and the song looks familiar or perhaps the message in it is much clearer this time. She knows what she has to do i.e go back to the past and fulfill her destiny. In the process of doing so she can vanish in thin air and her existence in the real world could be gone forever.

Xanthe still takes the risk and travels back to the love of her life because he needed help but who would help her if she needs, she does not have the answer to this question. Paula Brackston’s way of telling the story is more dynamic this time and if compared with the first part this clearly is a bigger story with a bigger objective.

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