Seducing Her Brother’s Best Friend: Tea for Two, Book 3 Audiobook

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Seducing Her Brother’s Best Friend: Tea for Two, Book 3

The author Noelle Adam, of this series Tea for Two has written a number of books around the topics that relate to different aspects of a woman’s life when it comes to getting the right man for the life. Though it is not hard to believe that every one of us have to be very careful upon making the choice for a lifetime and sometimes when we do so it may or may not turn into a long-term relationship, but there is always a way out that will lead you to the right person in the right way.
This story is about Carol who is interested in a man who is her brother’s best friend and is a bit older than her.

Patrick Stevenson is the guy Carol has ever wanted in her life he is witty, he is thrilling and she knows he has all those guts she could ever expect in her perfect partner. But the bitter fact is that regardless she is a good friend of Stevenson he has never looked her like a lady and he always considers her as a little sister of his friend.
But in this story, Carol will be showing off her own guts and tactics that would let Stevenson believe she is the best match he could ever get and they can make a long-term relationship for sure.
The story is about the transformation of a Girls who want to get the love of her life as she will be throwing back all her fears and will come out to get the man she loves the most.
The story is all about emotion, love, and the motives behind a girl’s mind that will let her do what she wants to do.
The beautiful and mesmerizing narration done by Pyper Down makes it even more interesting and indulging for anyone who wants to listen to it till its end.
For more such stories you may choose Second Best, Protecting His Best Friend’s Sister, or Protecting the Enemy which are also written by Noelle.


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