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Sharks are always ready to pounce on you whenever you enter their domain in the wide ocean they can tear you apart and will surely enjoy eating your flesh from your nearly alive body.

The book by Brendan McAloon tells us about various such attacks in which people lost their dear ones in the hand of sharks in wide oceans where there was no escape or hideout for them. Some people lost their arms or legs as well in their craze for surfing in the deep sea. The book contains several true stories related to shark attacks like the incidents that happened on the seashores of Australia or the shark attacks in South Africa in which a person named Mick Fanning nearly escaped from the brutal hands of death in the form of sharks which nearly tried to eat him up in the sea.
Then the famous tale related to the surfing competition of Hawaiian island when a girl who was just a teenager lost her arm during the competition because she was attacked by the tiger sharks who followed her blood trace even in the high tides of the sea and were never ready to let her go out of their stranglehold until she reached the seashore and was saved by the rescue team. Thus the book not only tells us about the ever alert nature of sharks that are ever ready for their prey but also tells us about the human nature who like to surf with the dangers on their sides. Stig Wemyss’ narration is smooth like the waves of the sea which tell each story with the same flow without any up and down in intensity.
Though not all of us get into trouble due to such circumstances but reading or listening to other’s experiences definitely assure you feel some part of it. For more such experiences you can listen to the The 91-Storey Treehouse and That Eye, the Sky.




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