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Julie Garwood’s works can never be left aside when someone is talking about masterpieces in literature. Emotions exist in these stories on the rarest of occasions. For the Roses and Hotshot talked about emotion when the audience was actually waiting for the thrill. However, a person should not get the notion that the book lacks a sequence of any kind. This is not true because compactness never leaves Julie’s stories. Sometimes the happenings are not arranged in a routine order because of this we get confused.

If someone wants to define this novel in one word then “sizzler” is the right word. An average film student was not hoping for an average job after finishing her degree. Lyra was expecting more from her life and she was clear in her thoughts that she is going to enter the film world very soon. The members of her family were surely not thinking in the same way, her mother and brothers were a bit too protective in her case.

Instead of thinking about the family, Lyra decided to give more importance to her last assignment after which she would be awarded the degree for which she has been working all these years. During her last assignment, she recorded something terrible on the camera accidentally. She knew that her fate didn’t remain the same after that act.

Her friend takes her to the FBI agent Sam and from here the love story also starts which Susan Denaker narrated joyously. Sam and Lyra start liking each other so protecting the girl becomes a lot more personal for Sam. The FBI agent thinks that he might not be able to leave the case incomplete.

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