Snowed In

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A Hot and Steamy Aurelia Hilton’s Romance Short Novel, Book 16

Snowed in is written by Aurelia Hilton and is a part of the hot romantic series of books written by the author. It’s just a short novella which is actually the book 16 and surely brings in a lot of emotional events for those looking for a thrilling romantic love story with a spark of love to enjoy the beautiful feeling between the two characters in this story.

Just like in the Partners in Crime and One Step Away From Stepbrother you will be getting a full feel of being part of the story as you will be getting the feelings and emotions yourself.

It starts about when Carrie starts to plan her vacation in the cabin of her friend where she will be enjoying her vacations all alone as she surely stubborn girl who loves herself.

Snowed In starts with all the preliminary hatred between the two people who didn’t new because Mike was a stranger for Carrie and she wants him out of the cabin so that she could enjoy everything she wants to do when she on her vacation.

But Mike would not let her do her things as he will always be his friends there.

Soon after spending some time when both of them are heading toward the worst, something strange happens and a new spark of feelings and relationship will bring them closer.

She starts thinking of Mike the other way round as she starts noticing how his presence brings comfort for her and she is now in a struggle to get rid of her stubborn thoughts and will be searching for the things that are most complementing their relationship that is exciting.

In this novel, you will experience the feeling of love, strange things about what brings in two people close after experiencing hatred as well.

Just make sure you know that you are going to listen to a steamy novel that will surely give you an aura to enjoy the overall romantic situations both people will be going through.


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