Someone We Know

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Someone we Know is a masterpiece of a novel authored by an accomplished author, Shari Lapena. The author has done great justice to the characters and also in depicting situations, which are hard to imagine and deal with. It is a character driven novel and in such cases, narrator plays a pivotal role in the making or breaking of the novel. In this case, Kirsten Potter with her professional expertise in narration has done a great job to bring this novel to an even better audio state.

The story tells about a quiet setting in a suburb of the New York state. A teenager has been found guilty of sneaking into the properties and houses of the locals. This act even extended into the computers of the owners as well, where the main motive behind was to learn all the secrets and then sharing it them in order to gain some sort of materialistic benefits.

Nobody knows who the teenager is and what exactly he have had uncovered. After a couple of anonymous letters being received, a lot of whispers and gossips started to circulate, and suspicion was just on the rise. Soon, a woman was found murdered down the street and this is when the tension of the situation reached its breaking point. This was a mysterious murder and nobody had any idea about who the killer can be.

The other popular books by Shari Lapena include the likes of The Couple Next Door and A Stranger in the House. Do read these novels to familiarize yourself with the brilliance of author in the literary world.

Shari Lapena has never disappointed the readers and story listeners who need some extra space to enjoy while splaying with their imaginative thoughts. At the same time the author knows how to capture the attention of the listeners so that they will not eb bored till the end of this audiobook.



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