Something Wicked This Way Comes

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The second part of the Green Town is no doubt one of the most awaited one as this part tells us more about the carnival and the sinister things that are attached to it. One good thing about Ray Bradbury’s series is that he never breaks the continuity in the novel. Each part is the next step in the series.

Thus the series cannot be enjoyed if you are reading one single part as it may cause certain confusions in your mind. The characters would be difficult to understand and their links would be misunderstood.

The element of mystery is aroused more than ever in this part as the carnival come one day before the Halloween day. The siren that enters the ears of the people really makes them forget whatever worries they had in their minds.

The siren is so seductive that it makes you feel the realization of your dreams; first one of course is being young again. The Green Town is once again under threat of death and the two boys who are the first victims really find out for the first time in their life that dreams always cost a lot.

This time their dreams not only cost their lives but their souls as well. The wonderland is amazing like always as we see in Ray’s works like Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles, the writer brings the creation of his imagination to life through his books. The description is awesome that we start feeling the world of magic around us.

Christian Rummel narrates the whole book this time, the narration goes a bit up and down but there is no big blunder that can spoil the show. The pitch shows no tiredness which is also a good thing.







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