Star Wars: The Fallen Star (The High Republic)

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Star Wars: The Fallen Star (The High Republic) is a science fiction and fantasy novel. It is written by Claudia Gray. She is an American writer known for writing paranormal romance, young adult and science fiction, and fantasy novels. Among her very best novels, you will find Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi Leia, Princess of Alderaan as one of them. Moreover, A Thousand Pieces of You is another good one by Claudia Gray.

Marc Thompson did the narration of Star Wars: The Fallen Star (The High Republic) novel. It was a great performance and that surely was the highlight of this novel.

Nihil, the vicious raider time and again had sought to bring back the golden age to a fiery end that was associated with the High Republic. The High Republic at its end time and again had emerged weary and battered. But, victorious thanks go to the Jedi protectors. There was no monument to their cause grander as compared with the Starlight Beacon.

The Beacon embodied the High Republic at the peak of its targets while hanging just like a jewel in its Outer Rim. It was a knowledge and cultural hub, and a kind of bright torch right against all the darkness associated with the unknown. Moreover, it was also an extended hand of welcome to those far reaches of the galaxy.

Star Wars: The Fallen Star (The High Republic) became a bestseller in New York Times. This gripping title is the sequel of Star Wars: The Rising Storm and you really couldn’t ask for anything more than this. This will be your chance to witness the light of Jedi facing the darkest hour.

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