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The intergalactic stuff continues in this book as well by Robert A. Heinlein. It is the basic tool that the writer uses to describe his stories. This version takes the intergalactic war to a new level. The story revolves around a new recruit who joined the army in order to fight for the human race and also to quench his thirst for traveling to different lands and seeing different planets and its inhabitants. The problem that arises for this new soldier is that he in his very first battle finds himself face to face with the Terrain Mobile which is said to be the most deadly infantry in the entire solar system for the human race. Now our hero has to save the human race and also his own life so that he could enjoy his life to its full potential. The book also has a unique thing it appears to be a movie when we listen or read it because everything is described in a detailed manner and we can picture the whole atmosphere in our minds that the writer has tried to create. The war and the sentiments of the human world are all brilliantly described in simple but forceful words. The deep meaning in most places need some time to think about it and thus it is not for children who just watch intergalactic stories for action purpose. The narration by Lloyd James fits the scene quite well and gives the story the perfection that was needed for its presentation. Though we feel a bit difficult at first to think about the story and listen to it at the same time after a while, we get used to it.

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