The Apocalypse Sacrifice

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The Apocalypse Sacrifice is the 10th chapter in The Undead World novel series. This is also the concluding chapter of the saga and the author has managed to give it a thumping climax. The book is written by Peter Meredith who is a phenomenal writer in horror fiction and science fiction fantasies. This one is specifically a post-apocalyptic science fiction fantasy novel with a wonderful tempting story. If you are looking for more novels from the author then the The Apocalypse Renegades and The Apocalypse Fugitives are the recommended ones. They both are part of the wonderful The Undead World saga.

Neil Martin is right at the verge of making some extremely hard choices. He is in this position after people started to flee the valley and Estes is no more a safe haven for anybody. Neil’s group has decreased into 70 refugees only, who were homeless and have very little resources to survive. They are badly in need to have a place that they could call home. They needed to have it fast and well before the enemies could realize that how defenseless they actually are.

Instead of putting everything on risk over a blind thrust, Neil deploys three teams to find some safe way through the mountains. He also wanted to discover a community that could take them all in. Captain Grey was the default choice for leading one of the three teams. But, is Sadie good enough to lead one out the other two teams? The real challenge is to control Jillybean.

Basil Sands does the narration of this audiobook. His voice with a stern tone managed to make this concluding chapter a memorable one.

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