The Ascent

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Gunnar has been looking for Rachel from the day he became reborn in this new world of which he has become a permanent part now. He has gone through fighting arenas and has landed in a pit of troubles but the girl was nowhere to be found. The Reborn thus made himself busy in fighting for the guild and being a part of it is his life now. Along with them, he searches for magic with the device they possess to locate power sources. Their missions have remained successful, ending with the revelation of new powerful magic all the time. The enemy which Gunnar faces this time has done its homework against him.

The enemy knows who he is and the missions he has performed successfully over the year of his stay on the land. Stealing of Fellblade has not remained a secret anymore; the enemy also wants him to steal a powerful weapon. The question here comes to the mind of the fans that why Gunnar would follow the orders of the enemy, well explanation is simple i.e for Rachel. Finding Rachel has been the priority of Gunnar in books like Eden’s Gate: The Reborn and Eden’s Gate: The Sparrow but he never found her because she was hidden.

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The enemy has her and only it can bring her back to Gunnar after he fulfills the demand which is laid in front of him. Edward Brody finally breaks the silence about Rachel and provides the audience with the reason because of which the lady was not coming to Gunnar. Pavi Proczko slips in the girlish voices at some places but the balance is maintained still. Member Benefit

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