The Collapsing Empire


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John Scalzi takes another law of physics in his hands as he starts to depict a story related to the speed of light travelling. The book one of the trilogy talks about different laws related to the field of science especially physics and also it tells us what are the things that are theoretical and which are experimental. The extradimentional field that human being call flow has made all the theories about speed of light travelling a reality and human beings can travel to other worlds now in the minimal time.

The humans even form a new empire which the call interdependency in which all human beings and their outposts are interlinked and they cannot survive without one another. It is after a while that the scientists of the world understand that the flow is not static, it is moving and changing gears that mean that sooner all later everything will collapse. You got to keep on moving all at the same time.

The Collapsing Empire

Thus three people emerge as saviors and start their thrilling adventure to find a solution for the human race if it survives until the solution is found. Thrill and haste is something that was lacking in The Human Division and  The Last Colony and other such books of the writer but not this series. It is full of thrill and jumps from one star to the other with the speed of light of course.

Will Wheaton again bonds with John’s work and has done well because he knows what the writer is always trying to do. The writer always tries to portray intergalactic stuff in a new way that has not been touched before.


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