The Bounty


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This is the seventh book of the series which Scott Brick is narrating and the authors Janet Evanovich and Steve Hamilton are with the same enthusiasm. It is the series in which two professionally opposite people join hands and perform heroic deeds which are not easy to believe. Kate is the special agent and one of the most famous in her field while Nick Fox is the bad guy of the town who was hard to arrest in the past.

Now these two work together in order to decrease the crime level in the town. Going against the Brotherhood was not something that was encouraged by many of the fellows still the two thought that it was the right thing. The Brotherhood seems to be looking for something big and if they get their hands on that then that then they would be able to bring havoc in the world.

The Bounty

Thirty billion dollar gold was loaded on a train during the world war and then it got lost on its way to a secret place. The Brotherhood thinks that the gold is still present somewhere in the mountains near Europe and they can find it with the help of Nick’s father.

So Nick starts looking for his father first and Kate also brings in her father in the mission because they cannot do it alone this time. These four people use their full potential to solve this case and also get out of the mission alive. Game On and One for the Money have suicidal missions which the main characters perform and you will not find it very different. Kate and Nick have solved serious tasks before, this however proves to be the biggest task that has been assigned to them ever.


The Scam

The Collapsing Empire


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