The Axe of Sundering

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The Axe of Sundering is the 5th installment in the wonderful going Adventures Wanted novel series. The book is written by M. L. Forman who had an excellent reputation among his contemporary writers and also his target youth audience. A few other worth mentioning novels of the author are The Axe of Sundering and The Horn of Moran. For this novel. The Axe of Sundering, the author, M. L. Forman himself has done the narration. This shows his all-round abilities and he has proved himself well as in the capacity of a writer and as well as a narrator.

Whalen Vankin has the reputation of the greatest wizard known in the world. On personal level, he has trained only two other wizards. One of them is the young Alexander Taylor who is well-known as a brave warrior, adventurer and a great man of honor. The other wizard is known as Jabez, who is a nephew of Vankin. He is a man whose choices have taken him on a different and a darker path. The Dark Magic has managed to cover most of the Westland and the evil is getting its hold. Alex and Whalen should move together right into the middle of danger in order to confront a serpent. They need to battle together their way through the goblin army. They also need to face up against more than one dragon.

Alex is determined to locate down the legendary Axe of Sundering. This is one special weapon, which offers a great opportunity to win over Jabez and also to save the land from the evil plans of the dark wizards. But, finding it will be a tough ask and a great adventure as well.


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