The Harp and the Ravenvine


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    Ted Sanders is a quality American writer. He specializes mainly in telling short stories and some exciting science-fiction fantasies. He also won the Bakeless Prize in 2011. The author is quite popular among the younger audience with all his novels. The Harp and the Ravenvine is one such top novel from the author that earned him great popularity.

    This book is the second installment in The Keepers’ (Sanders) novel series which is a science fiction fantasy for children. The author has several other quality books to his credit where a couple of good ones are The Keepers, Book 4: The Starlit Loom, and The Keepers: The Box and the Dragonfly.

    The audio narration of this novel is given by Andrew Eiden. He was quite good with his performance and ensured that the listeners d have a memorable joyous literary ride right till the ending of this novel.

    The Harp and the Ravenvine

    Horace F. Andrews along with his mate Chloe are the Keepers of the magical objects that come with some extraordinary power. But, just as the existence of a new Keeper is revealed then they both get drawn into a big struggle to discover who she is and with whom her loyalties are.

    Horace F. Andrews and Chloe get settled with their newfound skills and talents. Horace is capable of seeing the future and Chloe had the power to walk through the walls. April comes to the scene who is drawn towards the Warren, the Keeper stronghold. She came on the scene with Tan’ji of her own, but it was damaged and there was no chance of knowing that what would happen if this couldn’t be made as whole again.

    The plot of this novel is no doubt a bit complex and hard to follow. But, that is the real beauty of it as well, which just demands your attention right from its opening note. You will enjoy this one in audio format with the fantastic performance given by Andrew.

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