The Battersea Barricades

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One thing is clear from the series i.e the series is dominated by strong women character that goes through all. Max faces situation that are both personal and professional and luck favors her all the time because she is ready to risk it all every time. In this novel the three women go back into the civil war.

They use weapons to fight and then there are other things like bicycles also present on the scenes here and there. The scenes are better portrayed than And the Rest Is History and The Great St. Mary’s Day Out not in the sense of sensation but in description of the scenes. The scenes appear to be more real because there is more life in them, the movement of the characters and the dialogue delivery everything is so complete.

The St. Mary’s team has never been so much serious in their missions and we see less of the fun during their time travel and the women are intentionally present in the era. The study purpose is not apparent at all it’s all intentional perhaps they wanted to feel everything by trying to become of part of all that.

No errors are made by the team and they are less clumsy this time. For some of the fans the situation is not good because they liked a race against time situation. The clumsy behavior of the team made them laugh their hearts out and thus it was a less serious time travel all the time. Zara Ramm has narrated in the same pattern as the narrator has did in the past but there is more of history involved in it this time.

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