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Roald Dahl creates characters that are horrifying and gigantic but the author presents them in a way that they look innocent and tamed. Creatures in the author’s books are always big but they don’t harm the children at all rather they provide the kids in the novel with a company when they need one. It is observed in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Witches how the life of the kid is changed after coming to the land of magic. The BFG has another girl with the same kind of issue.

Sophie a simple girl with iron zeal comes forward when she hears about the plan of the giants to invade England. Somehow she thinks she can stop the invasion if she forms a crew and devises a clever plan to outwit the huge gigantic creatures. All her plans are dashed when she ends up in the hands of a monster known as the BFG. But the BFG is not like other monsters, he is more friendly and caring towards the girl and his good nature shows that even giants have a heart.

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With the relationship developing with the BFG the girl thinks she has finally found a way to stand against the assault which would end up England in no time. This caring and a strong giant can stand against all odds and help Sophie to run a home run on the battlefield. David Walliams’ narration can attract any child towards this story of a magical land, the narrator talks like a kid when he narrates the BFG. David wanted to show the innocence which the beast possesses at heart, due to which he just cannot harm the girl. Member Benefit

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