The Burning Page

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The Burning Page is a science fiction fantasy novel. It is written by Genevieve Cogman. The book is chapter 3 of The Invisible Library novel series, which is quite interesting and managed to keep the audience engaged till this third installment. A few of her other quality books that you must consider listening to in the audio format are The Secret Chapter and The Masked City.

Susan Duerden is the narrator of this novel. Her voice might be suitable for other novel types but this science fiction fantasy is not for her. She was struggling with her voice to math with the characters and seemed quite low in energy as well.

Irene is a Librarian spy. She along with her assistant, Kai makes a return in this chapter for another round of tremendous fun and adventure.

Due to the involvement of Irene in those unfortunate mishaps between Fae and the dragons, she is badly stuck now on probation. She is now supposed to do those simple fetch and retrieve kind of work for the library. But, trouble always finds its way towards Irene and Kai. They both find themselves in grave danger before they could even know about it.

Alberich, the longtime nemesis of Irene has been making waves once again across the multiple worlds. The goals this time were quite larger than getting just a single book or seeking vengeance against a single Librarian. Alberich aimed to ruin the entire Library and also to ensure that Irene must go down with it as well.

The book from the writing perspective was good. It had an engaging plot with good characters. The narration was below average and didn’t support well the plot and the nature of the characters.

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