The Crippled God


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    The author Steven Erikson is regarded as the maestro of the lost and forgotten periods. He is an absolute genius in creating some ancient epics. His al novels are truly epic in their own way and scope. The author hasn’t got any peer, when it comes to the level of imagination and action he has.

    He only joins the legend in the fraternity for his beautiful mythic vision and everything that he do in his fictional writing zone. Toll the Hounds and Dust of Dreams are two brilliant novels out of the Malazan Book of the Fallen saga that literally deserved to be read or listened by all the fictional novel enthusiasts.

    The Crippled God

    The Crippled God is an epic science fiction fantasy. The novel is the ultimate chapter in the multi-volume Malazan Book of the Fallen novel series. Michael Page has done the narration of this novel and he was as brilliant and awesome as he was in the several earlier novels of this series. You definitely should give him a chance to entertain you nonstop for hours.

    The Bonehunters in this ultimate novel of the series march for the Kolanse, where unknown fate is waiting for them. The army totters right at the brink of mutiny after being tormented by questions, but the Adjunct Tavore is absolutely determined not to relent.  There is still one last act that remains and that is something within her power.

    But that is only possible if she is able to control and hold her forces together and if her shaky alliances could survive all the challenges that come their way. All this was possible, but way too complicated and challenging for her.

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    Dust of Dreams



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