The Forgotten Ones

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Steena Holmes is the proud author of this one of the best-selling novels, The Forgotten Ones. It is a psychological mystery thriller with some great storyline and situations depicted in it. The narration of this over 10-hour novel is given by Arthur Morey and Angela Dawe.

Elle is a fighter in her life. She has managed to get together a better adult life as compared to her childhood, which is now filled with different broken memories. And also the fairy tales narrated by her mother to her explaining that about the bad dreams. But on her every weekly visit to her mother, Elle is overtaken by a paralyzing fear, which she is not able to explain in words. It is actually just another unanswered questions out of many she has, where she grew up in a family, which is estranged with lots of secrets and silence about different things.

The world of Elle turned upside down when she got a deathbed call from her grandfather. This was shocking news for her, as she knew all her life that her grandfather had died years ago. Once met, there was a long conversation between both, which was occupied mainly by regrets, grief and a very haunted conscience. More than that, he had a tale of his own to tell her. It was about Elle’s mother, an make-believe friend and a couple of strangers moving into the house one night and they never left.

The other books by Steena Holmes, which were well received by her fans and audience includes, The Word Game and The Memory Child. Both the mentioned novels are unique in their own storyline around the mystery genre.




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