The Light of All That Falls


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    Finally the journey is ending; all the secrets that have been buried deep in the past have fully revealed themselves to all. It is war time in the finale by James Islington, a war that has been planned centuries ago. The enemy has been combining its powers for a long time and it has unleashed its full potential on the heroes that are already in a broken condition. A last crush with the pestle of authority from the enemy side can end the war forever. Davian is among the friends or what is left for him to fight for and the struggles and sacrifices seem to be failing now.

    The Light of All That Falls

    Especially Asha’s sacrifice in An Echo of Things to Come is apparently going waste and a sad spectacle appears in the last part. The hero side needs a rising but they need a way out first out of their miseries. Caeden is on the verge of knowing something bigger than anyone of them ever expected. It was a plan far bigger than just a plan about winning a war or a specified area, just awesome in all ways.

    Destroyed and broken condition the war may not end in a victory after all and those who were anticipating a happy ending would be surprised to see heroes going down. There are no proper hints that Davian might rise again but an inside voice tells us that he not the one who might run away in his heartbroken condition.

    The man always had the zeal and courage to fight and win lost battles. Michael Kramer ends superbly well the series that he started in high and exuberant energy.

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