The Hod King


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    The third part of the Babel series by Josiah Bancroft tells us about the Labyrinthine that has separated the whole crew of Thomas Senlin and now each and every member of the crew is on its own in this continuous state of being lost all the time. Senlin is assigned a task to investigate that takes him to the arena that is built by the Hods for entertainment of the local people.

    The Hod King

    Another story moves side by side with the main one, a story that has three more characters naming Voleta, Iren and Marya. Voleta is the one who plunges into another deep trouble when the prince show attraction toward her and it adds more to her misery as the pursuit of the king affects their plans in a big way because they find themselves constantly chased or followed by the prince’s men.

    The Hod King

    The narration of John Banks is also a delight to hear as he happens to be an expert in narrating fantasies. Arm of the Sphinx: The Books of Babel, Book 2 – Josiah Bancroft, Senlin Ascends – Josiah Bancroft are the other two books of the same series that could be read along with this in order to understand the plot of the book in a better way. There is also another thing that makes the story more appealing, the element of mystery that is attached with the character of the Hod king as no one knows anything about him.

    There is also thrill as the time runs out for the Senlin crew who delve deeper in the labyrinth that only leads to darkness with no way out. The plot expose quite well and then the fall from the climax is smooth sheer.


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