The Keepers: The Box and the Dragonfly

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The Box and the Dragonfly-The Keepers (Sanders), Book 1

The Keepers: The Box and the Dragonfly is a science fiction fantasy. The book is apt for young readers and listeners including children. This one is the first installment in The Keepers’ (Sanders) novel series. The chapter and the mentioned series is written by Ted Sanders. A few other notable books by Ted Sanders for the younger audience include The Keepers, Book 4: The Starlit Loom, and The Portal and the Veil.

The narration of this chapter is done by Andrew Eiden. It was a great performance that provides the audience with a good fun ride for hours.

Horace F. Andrews sees a sign on the bus with his name on it. This was the time when everything changed in his life. That thing took him to the House of Answers underground which had a hidden warehouse. It was filled with a arrange of mysterious objects. But, he only found a lot of questions there. What is this so much curious place? Who are those secretive weird people who entrust him with a very powerful and rare gift? What he has got to do with it?

Horace quickly finds out that there is absolutely nothing ordinary now at all. He had a few encounters with Chloe who is a girl with some surprising talent and skills of her own. Horace F. Andrews follows a tough path that put him right in the center of a centuries-old conflict that was between two distinct factions.

The book is excellent with an enticing storyline and characters. The performance of Andrew was also quite enjoyable that you will cherish for a good long time.


The Keepers (Sanders)

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