The Killing Dance

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Laurell K. Hamilton the author of this ever-changing series of monsters, vampires, and werewolves brings a superb twister in the tale. Anita Blake since day one of the series has been hunting down criminals no matter whether they are monsters or men. Getting bounties and praises are not a new thing for her, as for the enemies she has two powerful boyfriends to take care of the issues. But all of that was limited to the books like Guilty Pleasures and The Laughing Corpse, here she is the one with the prize money set on her head. All around people, werewolves and demons from the world of the undead are on her chase.

Fighting is not an option left for the poor girl as the enemies are beyond her powers. Such an alarming situation takes her to the doorsteps of Jean and Marcus. Anita gets more surprised to see the attitude of her two boyfriends who don’t show any intention to help or protect her. There could be two reasons behind this attitude, one is that they cannot stand against all of this or perhaps they want Anita to perish so that they can collect the bones afterward.

Deep down Anita looks fully aware of the conspiracy against her; she tries to go deep to identify the true face behind the whole scheme. During her running condition, Kimberly Alexis provides her an exhausting voice. Then when she reaches closer to her targets she looks like the same old vampire hunter that she used to be in the old days. Luckily her head does not get chopped off her neck and she gets to the core of the matter before the things go out of hands.


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