Guilty Pleasures

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Laurell K. Hamilton started her career with this vampire novel; at the time of release, the novel didn’t gain much glory because the name of the author was not known to many. When more and more people around the world started listening to it the novel became a gradual success and the author wrote further books like Sucker Punch and The Laughing Corpse.

The Series is about Anita Blake who is a vampire hunter, thus killing vampires is part of her daily routine. At the beginning of the story, she is in a place where vampires and creatures like werewolves are not hard to find. The place is governed by Nikolaos i.e the vampire leader, he orders Anita to find the one behind the murders of the vampires.

On her search for the criminal, she finds Jean who arouses in her a strange kind of a feeling. Though she does not like vampires she fails to control herself whenever she is in front of Jean. Together the two start the investigation and in the end, become successful in catching it too. Mission serves the two well as it brings them closer to one another.

Together the two defeat Nikolaos too and Jean as a result of this competition becomes the new leader of the vampire world. For Anita, there is no other way left except to serve the vampire who has now become the man of her dreams. All the creepy monstrous voices are well narrated by Kimberly Alexis, love scenes have received an extra garnishing by Kimberly. Action decorated each step of the series but horror was perhaps not the main focus of the author.


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    The Laughing Corpse


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