The Kiss of Deception

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The series that opened in fabulous way keeps the same pace and Princess Lia’s fate takes her toward something that she never wanted with life. It was a sort of pattern in her state that the First Daughter possessed the gift of sight that of course prove to be the most useful gift for the whole land. The tradition continued until she comes up with no powers at all, and though she too was expecting it but it never appears. The fate of the state dwindling forces her to marry someone that she had never seen before.

The marriage is the only solution to all the problems because the prince and his army would form an alliance with the state in this way and thus the land would remain protected. Lia never wanted herself to get sacrificed for the land and though she does not possess the power of sight she has the will to fight for what is right according to her mind. Mary E.

Pearson works with five narrators this time including Emily Rankin, Kim Mai Guest, Ryan Gesell Kirby Heyborne and Ann Marie Lee and the story’s impact keep on increasing at every step. There is romance in the air but action surpasses everything when Lia confronts the assassin and the prince at the same time. Luckily she is not recognized and thus buys time to get a hold of things around her.

The book is worth to read after going through Morrighan because several things appear to be linked and although there are new things too including the characters of course but still the continuity is good. There are no breaks or pauses between the scenes in writing and narration and thus we can call it another masterpiece by the author.

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