The Last Aeon

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This is another interesting book in the Armor Corps series.  Richard Fox has maintained that excellent storytelling ability we all know him for. He has filled this book with lots of suspense, passion, humor, action, and intrigue. The story develops perfectly as new characters are blended perfectly with the old existing characters.

After reading the first few minutes, you will be engrossed with the intrigues and counterplots throughout the book. As Gideon becomes more of a tool, the Aignars Character becomes more important and endearing in the story.  Just like Richard Fox gripped readers’ attention in Ferrum Corde, he has succeeded in doing the same in this book.

The fifth book in the Terran Armor Corps series, The Last Aeon follows the same plot development and character representation in the previous series.

The book maintains the same them with humanity being threatened with extinction. There is a sequence of wars that have killed and injured so many. The galaxy has been ravaged by war and Roland seeks to be victorious against the encroaching enemy of the galaxy.

There is a secret the Aeon is guarding jealously, which will tip the balance of power in favor of the galaxy. But before that will happen, the Ibarra Nation and Roland have to team up together to the defeat the Cyrgal.

In the midst of the turmoil after Roland’s defection, Gideon leads his charges to take out the Kesaht General. While the battle against Kesaht still rages, Roland and Gideon must do all they can to survive the fierce war coming ahead.

Luke Daniels also did a great job by representing the characters properly through his narration. Overall, the book is a complete action-packed story that keeps readers and listeners engrossed throughout. It’s surely an enthralling read.


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