Ferrum Corde


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    As the war against Kesaht Alliance reaches its final days, humanity is not finding it easy. The Terran Union must strike again as they are desperate to save themselves. However, their enemy outnumbers them as they are prepared to completely crush them in the battle.

    Earth is looking for a worthy ally from the Ibarra Nation if there will stand a chance of defeating their enemy. On the other hand, Gideon is patiently waiting to avenge his betrayal by Roland.

    The sixth book in theTerran Armor Corps series is the conclusion of the series. It portrays the characters in the Iron Dragoons, the first book in the Terran Armor Corps series.

    Ferrum Corde

    The author Richard Fox continues in his extensive research of the intricacies involved in military fights. He doesn’t hit any false note in the sense of confusion, chaos, and camaraderie in battle.

    Just like Fox’s Ember series, the Armor corps series is intellectually stimulated and multi-dimensional.  The author makes this book very rewarding and satisfying to read. There are many intrigues and surprises in the story. If you’ve been following the series from book one, you would think you’ve seen all the action. But this sixth book brings with it more surprises and another twist of plot and characters.

    There are moments where the action flows continuously that readers will be completely engrossed. Luke Daniels also continued in his exceptional narration where all characters are effectively represented. Even the new characters were blended into the story the right way.   You will also love the way Fox infused humor into the story. At least there are moments where the reader will laugh out loud even in the story that’s filled with incessant battles.

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