The Whistler


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Series which touches the darkest corners of the world created by John Grisham is bound to impress anyone who is reading suspense thrillers for the first time. Though this is the first book of the series and usually we expect more introductions as compared to the story but this novel is loaded with stuff beyond imagination.

We witness the dark aspects of the court trials and the writer is of the view that though these things don’t happen too often but still we cannot say that it is untrue. The judges who are considered as the custodians of law in the court sometime prove to be the exact opposite as the start taking bribes and mould the case according to their will.

The Whistler

The rules of law and the discussion everything is altered by the decisions of the judges.  Cassandra Campbell narrates such kind of a tale in the first book of “The Whistler” series. Lacy Stoltz is a lawyer by profession but she does not practice law anymore as she takes complains related to judicial misconduct.

After years of experience she has concluded one thing that judges don’t intentionally make mistakes, it happens because of their inexperience most of the time. We have seen new judge in Witness to a Trial as well.

However this time things go beyond the doubts of Lacy because the case that comes to her table is a totally new thing for her. A disbarred lawyer returns to town and he tries to put charges against different judges of which he knows more than anyone. The Florida Judge has connection with many people in the town that are involved in illegal businesses. Moreover the judge has shares in a casino that are hidden from everyone in the town. Thus the judges and lawyers of the town begin to look a little doubtful to Lacy Stoltz.


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Witness to a Trial

The Litigators


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