Witness to a Trial



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    Short stories can really leave a deep mark on one’s mind and soul if they are associated to your everyday life. The stories can also make you look at the life around you with a different angle. John Grisham presents before us a real courtroom drama with his own skill of storytelling that could be seen in Sycamore Row and The Reckoning makes the whole of it more appealing to the eye.

    The judge in the court is dealing with his first case as judge and that’s why there are doubts in the mind of the lawyers and the people present in the court. The judge too looks a bit confused at times and a bit shy to overrule different things as he is not aware of his full authority yet or he is not ready to use all of it in the first case. Despite of all these things the decisions that are made have no weakness at all and thus the case does not become controversial in the end.

    Witness to a Trial

    The defense attorney and the prosecutor too are not the usual kind as one of them is mad in rage and wants quick decision from the judge. The other is looking for glory after winning this case against a person who in reality is innocent but he cannot prove his innocence because the murderer has done everything to perfection. Mark Deakins’ narration is like a smooth road trip with no break or stoppage.

    The narrator has not tried to look over sentimental because it was a courtroom situation and cries or mourning was not that much needed at any spot.



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