The Escape Artist


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The Escape Artist is a medical based mystery thriller written by Brad Meltzer. It is the first chapter of the Zig Zigarowski novel series written by the novelist. The narration of this novel is its strongest part. It is led by Scott Brick in an effortless manner, who is regarded as one of the finest narrators of his time and even beyond. He was equally well supported by January LaVoy in the narration.

The Escape artist is probably the best novel, which Brad Meltzer has ever written.

The story starts with the suspicious character of Nola Brown. Nobody has any idea who she is. But, she is in deep trouble. She is supposed to be dead?


The body of Nola was found somewhere on a plane, which suspiciously fell down from the sky. It came after leaving a highly secretive military base somewhere in the wilderness of Alaska. The commanding officer verifies that Nola is dead. The government of United States also endorses that fact. But, on the other end, “Zig Zigarowski”, Jim has actually found the real truth just. Nola Is not dead. She is definitely alive and on the run.

Zig was a worker at the Air Force Base in Dover. He was responsible for putting to rest all those dead bodies, who dies while being on some top secret missions. Nola was a very close and childhood friend of the daughter of Zig. She was also someone, who saved the life of her daughter once. So, when Zig came to know that Nola is still alive, so he made up her mind to find her.

Brad Meltzer is credited with a lot of mystery thrillers. If you are a fan of the writer and looking for more of his work, then the audio book versions of his novels, namely, The First Conspiracy and The Inner Circle should be the first ones to entrust.


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