The Last House on Needless Street

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Secrets are like dead bodies, they tend to come up sooner or later. People try hard to keep secrets well buried in their hearts but it is not possible for a very long period of time. Catriona Ward, the author of this creepy story tells about three characters who live a normal life apparently but there is something sinister that they have been trying to hide.

The relationship between them is weakening because of the secret and they know that they are going to break very soon. One of those characters is a teenage girl who has not stepped out of the house for a very long time. No one knows the reason and people have not bothered to investigate the matter because it is highly personal. Something peculiar happened when she was outside the house for the last time and since then she is not seen outside. There happens to be a mature man in the house too who likes living alone most of the time.

He drinks a lot because of which he is never aware of his surroundings. Perhaps there is something that he wants to forget but he hasn’t been able to do that. Lastly, the third character which Christopher Ragland narrates is a cat who to is like the rest of the characters in the house. The characters thought that they would be able to conceal the secret forever but they were wrong because they never prepared themselves for the neighbor who started living near them. Sundial and The Girl from Rawblood are much scarier so this is the right book, to begin with, and then the listener will be able to digest the rest.

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