The Lion’s Game

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All the things go wild within no time in Nelson DeMile’s stories. He is the author who always keeps the listeners on their toes. There is no escape for those who are on the wrong side of the law. We observed this thing in Plum Island: Booktrack Edition when the author made us meet John Corey who was not physically fit. This is another mission that brings the homicide cop to the scene.

He has survived an attack in which he received three bullets from the side of the enemy. Now all of that is a thing of the past and the detective is in for another mission. Joining the antiterrorist task force was no fun but the detective likes taking risks in life. He is not afraid of deadly things and the missions which he has successfully completed were full of risks of the same kind.

The Libyan terrorist named “The Lion” is on to something big and so far the people have not been able to track him down. No government department has been able to hunt down this terrorist who has performed different deadly feats all around the globe. Corey is on his tail and he will not rest until he gets the job down and puts this global terrorist behind bars for good.

Scott Brick is everywhere in narration these days, the narrator has narrated The Maze along with this one. The voice suits the detective because it is heavy and seems to be quite serious. The Lion makes Corey run on this occasion and he will make sure that the homicide does not try to disturb his mission ever again.

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    Plum Island: Booktrack Edition

    The Maze


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