The Long Earth

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Previous fantasy by Terry Pratchett took decades to end and now the author starts a joint venture with Stephen Baxter, another renowned name in the world of books. Together the two starts the series in the war era of 1916 where a soldier named Percy Blakeney is fighting for his life and his country on the battlefront.

Darkness and the sound of the bombshells are all around and a soldier can only leave the battlefield in this situation if he is hit by a bomb shell or a bullet. Percy knows that he was never hit by a thing like that but suddenly he stops hearing the wine of the bullets. Instead now the soldier can hear the sound of the birds and the war is out of the scene, it is earth on which he is present but in a different time zone.

After this first part the story moves to 2015 where a cop named Monica is in search of clues for the case of missing scientists. Instead she gets a gadget which is just a prototype of something big. Creator of Going Postal and I Shall Wear Midnight launches another series with a boom this time with the aid of Stephen Baxter.

Michael Fenton-Stevens tries to keep things simple in narration but in the future the narrator has to do something extra otherwise this chilling new series will lose its grip on the audience. One thing is for sure with this one i.e it is not a trilogy so get hold of your seats it would also be a very long ride just like the previous series.




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