The Lost Metal

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If there is anyone in the world who is able to weave strange stories and a gripping plot then he is none other than Brandon Sanderson. The writer who wrote The Way of Kings and The Bands of Mourning is among the top fantasy writers of the current era. Wax is on the hunt for the strange group which calls itself the Set. Wax becomes the senator of the big city when the story opens in front of our eyes.

The Set has been trying to abduct people who belong to a special kind of bloodline for a long time. The reason is not known but Wax thinks that the Set has a bigger purpose than that which catches the eye. Marasi is the detective who is hired for the investigation and soon Wax and the agent find out about a secret weapon that has been in the making for years.

The weapon can destroy the state within a few minutes and a god named Trell is behind the thing. Now Wax must act fast if he wants to save the land and the people who have selected him as the senator. The task is not easy and there could be bloodshed on a massive scale if the mission does not remain successful. Wax must succeed and there is no other way instead of facing the devil in its den.

The war is going to end very quickly but it will take the power of a hero to set everything on the right course. Michael Kramer is the official narrator who has given his voice to the series and there is no one better than him when it comes to the matter of this series.

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