The Malloreon


This science fiction fantasy by David Eddings is based on five parts other books by the author include King of the Murgos – David Eddings and Magician’s Gambit – David Eddings and others as well. The series moves at a rapid pace from first to the fifth part. Garion kills the evil one Torak and saves Riva from the evil hands of that cruel god and he fulfills the prophecy but still the days of worries is not over for him and the people who come under his subjection after his crowning.

The prophecy still out of nowhere come one day all of a sudden when all hear beware Zandramas. Garion again finds himself in a fix when he proves to be the main character in the two prophecies. The second part tells us about the kidnap or the disappearance of Garion’s son and he takes the help of the sorcerers in order to find his son at any coast as he knows that Zandramas is the one behind all the happenings.

New characters like the Snake- Queen are also introduced with their different traits, the human sacrifices still rule the kingdom of Murgos and it appears to be a deadly thing for all the characters. The third part reveals the true purpose of Zandramas who wanted to use the infant child for a ritual as the boy is gifted with certain things that started to appear after his birth.

The ritual not only is a threat for Garion but also it could prove fatal for the whole human race as well. The epic conclusion takes the main characters to the world beyond their thoughts and still the show their zealous nature against the unknown. The narrator Cameron Beierle has completed his job quite excellently.





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