The Man Who Sold America

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Book possesses a bold topic which Joy-Ann Reid deals with in full swing. Many people had this idea in their minds but discussing such a thing in front of the public openly needed a lot of dares. Joy-Ann Reid during narration uses a harsh tone too to tell his listeners that he means it. While talking about the 45th president of the US the author says that the man has taken everything as a big business. Trump talks in a business-like way according to the author and he has put everything on sale including the dignity of the White House.

Firstly when Trump started his campaign for election in different states he was talking about the usual routine things. When people rallied around him he started inducing in their minds the old spark of prejudice and took them back to the era when the nation was divided. The only thing which the man could tell the people correctly was the way of making money.

It is what Trump did all his life and he made the people greedy about money through his speeches. Now after three years, the author says that corruption has risen in the highest ranks in America and it goes straight to the president’s office. Americans first of all have to deny the teachings and refuse the offers made by Donald Trump after which they can move on the path of glory once again. The author of Fracture shows a lot of grudge for the current president of America. Reid has only given hints of certain corruption in the country and has not given details to keep the book away from politics.

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