The Midnight Line

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Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series has become an excellent thriller for fans who need suspense and action as well in a story that gives you no time to relax. Jack is like always presented as a man on whom we can rely on or a person that can be fully trusted in the time of need as he knows all the ropes and he has everything chalked out before anybody could know about it.

The narration is once again done by Dick Hill who is the right choice for the job as he has been narrating the series for quite some time now and knows the personality of the character quite well and as listeners or fans of the series we too have become immune to the narrators voice. The story like a typical Reacher story starts from a common scene in the market where Jack finds a class ring and he wishes to return the ring to the honor that had left it there because of certain financial issues perhaps.

The story starts as a search for the honor of the class ring but then the plot becomes more and more complex as Jack searches for the one to whom that ring belongs. The story has everything whether it is fights or long journeys, suspense and a source that reaches to Iraq and Afghanistan thus we can say that it is fully loaded like Lee’s other books Past Tense and Killing Floor that have almost the same ingredients that can be found in this one.

The series overall worth the money especially for action lovers as the sentiments or love scenes are not present in access because Jack is so busy in the completion of his mission and the achievement of his targets.  



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