The Land of Stories


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Every child dreams of getting into the fairy land but this wish never comes true because it takes a miracle or magic for such a things. Chris Colfer makes the audience meet two children here whose dream really comes true as they find themselves in the land of their dreams. Through the magic present in a story book, Alex and Conner are taken into the world of stories. Every story that they heard or read in their early childhood was now in front of them.

They could easily meet characters that they wished to meet once in their life. But there also arises a big issue for the twins’ i.e the fairy tales are never without evil villains. So they have to face the evil witches and the mean creatures such as the elves throughout their journey. This thing tires the two and then they start pondering that how they can get back home.

The Land of Stories

Coming in was the result of an accident and they cannot wait for another accident in order to return back home. Luckily the two have heard a lot of stories and a lot about wishing spells. Just superb start of the series designed for the children and no one can wait for any longer for The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns and The Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdoms after this book.

Chris Colfer has narrated the book himself and it looks like a separate narrator would not be hired for the series because the author has tackled well with the scenes and situations. A good thing about the novel is that the action never reaches to the point of barbarianism thus children can listen to it without any doubt in their minds.



Aced-Driven Series

Beyond the Kingdoms


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    1. get the 3rd land of stories book please!!! you have been my number 1 for forever I’ve recommended you to all my friends and I’ve been overall loyal to you but now you disappoint me… but an easy fix is getting land of stories: a Grimm warning on here plz


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