The Naked Eye

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The Naked Eye is the third book in Kendra Michael’s novel series. It is an excellent mystery thriller with suspense. The book is authored by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen where Iris is the mother of Roy. They teamed up quite well to give some amazing novels in the series where Night Watch is one of them. Close Your Eyes is another excellent novel that did quite well for this series and the authors.

The narration of the book is not very well done by Elisabeth Rodgers.

It has been almost four months since all those horrific events of the Sight Unseen. In the present day, Kendra Michaels was all obsessed with the excessive trying to hunt down Eric Colby, a serial killer. Despite the ostensible execution of Eric at San Quentin, Kendra was convinced that the man was still alive. But, the only trouble is that she couldn’t prove that. Even her immensely powerful observations couldn’t help her in that regard.

Then she received a call from California out of nowhere. It was the Sheriff of Olancha on the phone who told her about a young woman who was held on a disorderly and drunk charge. She provided the police with Kendra as her emergency contact. She was Beth Avery, sister of Eve Duncan. Beth was unjustly institutionalized for five years and she had been living her life on the road. She was trying hard to figure out her life but to no avail so far. Kendra could identify her and she took her along to San Diego.

But, the brutal murder of a detective would complicate her already troubled life even further.

The book had a lot of gory than what people usually prefer to have. However, the plot overall was quite good along with engaging characters. The narration was not spot on though.

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