The Paris Apartment

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The Paris Apartment is a suspenseful mystery-thriller novel. It is written by Lucy Foley. She is a British writer of mystery and historical fiction novels. Along with this novel, The Guest List novel of the writer also bade to the bestselling list of New York Times. Moreover, The Hunting Party novel also impressed people with its exciting story.

The audio narration of this book is done by Clare Corbett, Julia Winwood, Daphne Kouma, Sofia Zervudachi, Sope Dirisu, and Charlie Anson. A different narrator for every chapter of the book was not a good idea. It lacked consistency and the listeners found it a difficult listen while struggling to keep track of the characters.

Jess desperately needs to have a fresh start in her life. She was all alone and broke. She left her last job where the circumstances were not favorable for her. Ben, her half-brother was not thrilled at all when she was asked if she could a bit with him. But, he rejected the offer and everything would appear much better from Paris. She then showed up with a luxurious apartment in Paris. So Ben could afford that? He was not there.

The longer period Ben remained missing from the scene, the more Jess would start to dig into the situation of her brother. The neighbors of Ben there were not friendly and were an eclectic bunch. Jess relocated to Paris to escape from her struggling past, but then the future of Ben became the main question.

The storyline of this book is exceedingly clever. It is a fascinating locked-room mystery set in an apartment building in Paris where all the occupants were keeping some secret.

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