The Reformation


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    The story of civilization is slowly coming to the modern world, with every new episode, the author Will Durant brings new spicy things for the audience. It can be said that the author has given more detail to the history of the world and he has divided history into interesting sections. If someone is not interested in the entire history then he can easily select any of the parts of his choice from this series.

    There are portions about religion and then the author describes how huge empires were made and then went to ashes within no time. The Renaissance and Caesar and Christ had a delighting piece of information for the history loving fans. Stefan Rudnicki will not allow you to take a nap during the narration because he has perfection and elegance in his voice. The Roman Catholic Church was handling things and the book comes with the time when Protestantism started to evolve in the world.

    The Reformation

    This brought two different groups to the map of the world. They had different approaches to religion and they were certainly not ready to merge as one. There are also many chapters on the ideas which were carved in the mind of the general public by Martin Luther. Not to forget the efforts of Christopher Columbus in discovering a new route and a new world as well. It is the same era during which Russia unified and formed a strong hold on the land. Thus we can say that it was an era during which the world finally started to get divided into sections. Sides were taken according to religion and ideologies.

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