The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt

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Theodore Roosevelt, Book 1

Mark Deakins has gained a lot of fame in narrating stories in a way that they appear to be living in front of our eyes. This no doubt crosses all previous works of the narrator because this time the narrator has used all the skills to their full potential. It is the first part of a biography by Edmund Morris and the writer has also collected a lot of stuff from history as one cannot do any sort of exaggerations in true stories. Edmund Morris has searched in a great deal every aspect of Theodore Roosevelt’s life so that the personality can be described as it was in original life.

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This is also not the first time the writer has selected such a topic as he has written books like Edison and Theodore Rex which tell us the liking of the writer. The book opens from the birth of Roosevelt and then after telling exact details of his initial life shifts gear and tell us how he became the Vice President. There has been huge changes in Theodore’s life and those variations make this biography much appealing than it first appears to be. In his youth he was a student of animal life and then he came to politics and became a corruption fighting machine all of a sudden.

We see him working as an assembly member, a police commissioner and even assistant secretary of the navy as well. Thus this one man army keeps on impressing us as we see him in the parliament and in the forest as well when he kills wild animals. Even after hundred years the life of Theodore is surely one of a kind thing.


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    Theodore Rex


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