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Every tale which Roald Dahl writes for kids lives in the memories forever. Although the stories are simple fairy tale stuff and no strong or emotional message is depicted but the relations shown in the novels is heart touching. This book combines all the five best stories of the author and this time Roald has narrated these stories himself. The first one to appear on the pages is “Charlie and the chocolate factory” in which a boy gets the ticket to visit the chocolate factory owned by Mr. Charlie.

Charlie has printed these tickets to select the next heir to his factory and luckily this boy with a poor status gets his dream come true. Not only does he visit the factory but he also becomes the next heir to the chocolate factory. James and the Giant Peach has been fun as a solo and with these other stories intact it appeals more.

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Not to leave the fantastic Mr. Fox who becomes a favorite the moment you go through the first four to five pages. Each story sparkles like a jewel whose shine just never ends at all. It was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which gained more fame than any other story but here when we see these stories piled up in one, none can be categorized as boring material. Stories are not very long because the author has not tried to add any extra material, every story moves on one single line without touching boring lanes. The ending is never tragic in Roald’s works and it is a positive outcome which the kids observe with a smiling face and a happy heart. Member Benefit

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