The Russia Hoax

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The author, Gregg Jarrett is back again with another sensational book related with US politics and some inside stories and speculations. Gregg Jarret himself has teamed up with Charles Constant to give the narration of this book, just as they have done earlier for Witch Craft.

Gregg Jarett in this book reveals the truth behind deep state collaborators of Hillary Clinton in Government and goes on to fully expose them with their wicked actions, which they did after and during the presidential elections of 2016.

When the suspicious act mentioned above came to a failed ending, the same people involved seem to have followed a manufactured investigation of Donald Trump, the current president of USA. The act was actually an attempt to disengage the results of the 2016 elections and subsequently remove Trump from the president office.

The evidence collected on the matter gave an indication that the FBI partisans and the US Department of Justice, which are driven by the personal hostility and an inappropriate sense of political morality, secretly acted to destabilize the elected democracy in USA.

The book probes into some significant events related to the time of elections and also the happenings before and after that. One such thing discussed in detail is that how Hilary Clinton was able to seepage trial even though there was a persuasive evidence against her that she has dishonored the law of the country big time.

Witch Craft is another powerful book by Gregg Jarrett, which is based on US politics of today and the recent past. You will get to know a number of political facts of today, along with some inside stories, which are narrated in a very engaging manner for the listeners.





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