Star Wars: Night Lily: A Lover’s Tale


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    Star Wars possess so much appeal that no one can so no to one more part of the series. So many characters have evolved over the years through this series. There are characters like Han Solo and Luke Skywalker who still rule the hearts of millions of fans.

    This book by Barbara Hambly has all of that stuff but it also has a new character who seems to be evil at the beginning. Trevagg happens to be a bounty hunter by profession but he has been forced to leave that life aside and now he has started working for the security of the Imperial office. The post does not impress this evil doer who has caught many prey over the years for the sake of money.

    Star Wars: Night Lily: A Lover's Tale

    One day while walking in the market he was bored by the daily routine and then he thinks that he has been given a chance to get back into gear. He spots a Jedi Knight and thinks that if he becomes successful in capturing him then he would be able to get a lot of gold from the evil Empire. So Trevagg starts planning in a big way until he gets a chance to look at Nightlily for the first time.

    The virgin attracts his attention and he stops thinking about everything else. The plans and targets are set aside because Trevagg wants to have Nightlily at every cost. Andy Mangels has narrated the sentimental stuff in a heavy voice to improve the impact. Twist like that in Graveyard Dust and Dragonsbane can be observed here when Trevagg comes to know about his destiny which joins him with the virgin he craves so much.

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